Event Info

Start Date: 19 April 2018

End Date: 26 May 2018

Venue: Georgian Gallery | Ards Arts Centre

Duration: 5 weeks

Admission: FREE

What Fell From the Mountain

‘Somewhere amongst the deepest roots of our memory patiently lies a more vivid, harmonious kind of image. This poetic consolidation of time and memory has risen to the surface of my work. Growing up surrounded by the silent bogs, lakes and halted railway lines of Co. Donegal, I am interested in natures potential to avert or cure elements of today’s rash visual culture. Moreover I am concerned with settings that have been both overtaken or untouched by time. Deep thickets of pine, endless continuums of water and turf coexist with architectural ruins and remnants of the tragic Donegal railway line. These fragmented landscapes could suggest a struggle between memory and reality or reflect instances of an unsettled environment, which is often overlooked in today’s age of information. The exhibition title does not therefore depict literal significance, but represents a series of work in which personal and historic memory have collided to form a sense of poetic harmony, a reconstruction of the spiritual landscape.’

- Charlie Scott


What Fell From The Mountain marks the first solo exhibition by Charlie Scott, presenting a new body of work made over the past year. The exhibition explores the artist’s concern with concepts and placement of the landscape in an environmentally challenged future. Scott challenges how a sensuous engagement with nature can be paralleled through the process of oil painting and installation in a gallery setting.

Additional Information

Exhibition Preview: Thursday 19 April, 7-9pm

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